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About VIP GlobalNet                                                                                             

VIP GlobalNet, LLC maintains an available consultancy that currently includes expertise designed to support business intelligence needs and the subject matter expertise requirements of those businesses that have capabilities within the following categories or desire to move into these fields of endeavor:

  • Biometrics
  • DNA for human identification
  • Bio-warfare defense including medical countermeasures
  • Forensics for attribution
  • Chemical warfare defense 
  • Radiological and nuclear defense
  • Exercises and experiments within plans
  • Planning, programming, budgeting and execution 
  • Health physics - operational and environmental
  • Environmental engineering and science
  • Nuclear physics and engineering
  • Nuclear reactor operations (TRTR and Power)
  • Intelligence community capability requirements
  • Acquisition documentation IAW CJCSI 3170.01G JCIDS
  • Solicitation response writing and editing
  • Strategic leadership and planning   
We collectively have recent experience:  
  • Within the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Energy and Commerce  
  • As staff officers for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, within the Departments of the Army, Navy and Air Force
  • Within the Marine Corps Staff, as support staff to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency and many more agencies and offices within the Services and the COCOM Staffs 
  • DOE's National Nuclear Security Administration 
  • DOC's National Institute of Standards and Technology 
  • DHS's Science and Technology Directorate  
  • Within Business and management operations
VIP GlobalNet, LLC operates from a perspective of very knowledgeable, subject matter experts who have performed well as action officers at the highest levels within the government.  That expertise and their efforts have been associated with improvements in efficacy and efficiency for those they have served as well as many successfully completed missions.  If you have a resume that mimics this sentence, please feel free to send it to me at BillPramenko@vipglobalnet.com.  
As of August of 2013, VIP GlobalNet, LLC Consulting Services has six active clients and has serviced over twenty different entities in the last three years.  We hope to be of future service to you.



Bill Pramenko


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2013 Radiological and Nuclear Threats Symposium Book

On May 15 and 16, 2013, VIP GlobalNet, LLC, hosted the Countering Nuclear and Radiological Threats Symposium, bringing together government, industry, and academic experts to discuss the nuclear and radiological threat to the United States. Presenters discussed innovative detection technologies that offer new paths forward, but much remains to be done. Budget concerns, technological challenges, and a need for more experts continue to present challenges as the interagency works to combat nuclear trafficking and terrorism.

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News and Notes

VIP GlobalNet Blog

- 4 December, 2013
On 21 November, VIP GlobalNet attended a meeting of nuclear, chemical, and biological government and industry experts at the Richlin Conference Center near Aberdeen, MD. Minutes from a previous meeting were distributed, and the Treasurer and Executive Directors made their reports. Reports were also given on the status of invitations to speakers for future meetings, as well as brief updates on CBRN news. The full meeting summary can be found on the VIP GlobalNet blog here.

- 4 October, 2013
On 19 September, VIP GlobalNet attended a meeting of nuclear, chemical, and biological government and industry experts at Fort Myer. Mr. Stephen Karoly, Assistant Director, Product Acquisition and Deployment Directorate, Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO), gave an overview of DNDO. Col John Lemondes, Joint Project Manager for Chemical Stockpile Elimination, gave an overview of his organization’s structure and transition. The full meeting summary can be found on the VIP GlobalNet blog here.

2013 News  

This summer VIP GlobalNet, LLC provided funding for an undergraduate student intern to the Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, Maryland (Home of 4 Nobel Laureates and Drs. Ken Inn, Jackie Mann, and Mark Tyra - our buds).  This effort saw the enablement of the student in the field of radiological standards development, under the direction of Dr. Mark Tyra.  Efforts assisted the DOC/NIST with new and novel development of the standards used throughout the community of radiochemistry/physics.  Phil Alexander provided this support as our undergraduate summer intern.

2012-2013 News

VIP GlobalNet, LLC participated in Forensics@NIST2012 and was an associate author for a DOC/NIST Forensics Grand Challenge Award winning paper on Nuclear Forensics.  This paper and associated 2013 funding strives to create new and unique standard reference materials (SRM) for the treaty verification community as well as safeguards, consequence management, and the nuclear forensics missions.  Expensive and scarce SRM needs are addressed along with the operational efficacy requirements for attribution and other needed decisions.  Bill Pramenko is a named author.